MINI’s screen debut in the 1964 Pink Panther sequel was no shot in the dark, with actor Peter Sellers having his beloved 1963 Morris Mini recreated especially for the role. 

This Mini – the Radford Mini de Ville – starring in A Shot in the Dark featured the distinctive wicker side panelling Peter Sellers loved in his custom model, transporting Sellers as Inspector Jacques Clouseau as he bumbled through investigations. It was just the beginning of what would be an extensive and varied film career for the small car with star power.

It’s natural that MINIs would be used to tell stories, because people truly make their MINI their own. Take George Harrison of the Beatles, for example. His Radford Mini de Ville had a psychedelic design in place of the wicker panels. This Mini vividly featured in 1967’s Magical Mystery Tour.

Two years later came the MINI’s breakout role, with not one, but three Minis starring in The Italian Job (1969). Only the Mini is fast enough to escape villains but small enough to navigate Italian sewers! The trio of Minis in the film’s car chase – one red, white and blue – was so popular that they were also the stars of the film’s remake in 2003.

Another exciting car chase role for the MINI involved the classic MINI Cooper used by Jason Bourne in The Bourne Identity (2002).

Mr Bean’s yellow MINI accompanied him in countless funny scenarios across two films. And MINIs were chosen to help save the world in Pixels (2015), with the film featuring a team of four coloured MINIs as ghosts from the Pac-Man game. Is there anything a MINI can’t do?