It takes just 2 hours and 15 minutes to fully recharge the new MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid. And, of course, its lithium-ion battery recharges as you drive. Easy.

We drive ourselves pretty hard every day – at work, in the gym, at home – and it’s not as easy to recharge ourselves when we’re on the go…unless, of course, you know how. As Wanderlust’s recharge partner this year, we asked three yoga teachers to share their favourite recharge tips to re-energise ourselves.



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Yin Yoga

“Yin Yoga is so restorative and quickly becoming one of the most popular styles of yoga at our studios. A simple forward fold for a few minutes is a great way to reverse blood flow and recharge.”


“This is a really powerful tool we both use daily. Taking the time each day, 5 minutes or less to write 3 things you’re grateful for!”

The ‘folded leaf’

“Acro Yoga is something we LOVE and we are, of course, teaching this practice at Wanderlust. The restorative practice of Acro Yoga is a great way to connect back to your breath and to recharge.”



Deep meditation

“My number one go to for time out and rest, especially in the afternoon when my batteries are starting to get low, is to find a comfortable chair, or even in my car, and dive into a deep transcending meditation. I find this reboots my energy levels and clears my head. All within 20 minutes!”

Time outs 

“One of my favourite ‘time outs’ is sitting on the rocks at North Bondi during the afternoon and into the sunset. There is a lovely ‘slow’ energy over there and I find myself sitting there for hours and jumping in for a swim every now and then.”

A quick break in nature

“I find myself a sunny spot, lie down and switch off. Being in nature, turning off my phone and just feeling the earth beneath me does the trick!”



Sun Salutation

“My go-to pick me up when I need a boost is a set of 5 Sun Salutations. The Sun Salutation sequence is made up of a downward dog pose, a plank chaturanga followed by an upward facing dog pose. The timing of your breathing controls the flow and pace of this sequence as the movement from one pose to the next is aligned with an inhale or exhale.”



Tackle short haul trips in a single charge thanks to its electric range of 40 kilometres. 




With three modes to choose from, you can pick a driving style to suit your mood. Switch between: AUTO eDrive, MAX eDrive or Save Battery. Auto eDrive Mode is the default setting when you switch on your MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid.



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