Jack Slade and John McMahon are two of the faces behind Boss Hunting, Australia’s leading men’s lifestyle publication. Boss Hunting started as a Facebook and Tumblr page but has quickly grown to be one of the largest social media presences in Australia, captivating the attention of men daily with engaging and aspirational content. We chatted to the boys about men’s health, what drives them to raise funds for Movember and who can grow the best mo’.

> You guys have one of the largest social media presences in Australia. What inspires you to speak out about men’s health?
John: The word ‘influence’ or ‘influencer’ gets thrown around a lot in our industry. Rather than use our platform for showcasing cool content or branded partnerships, the opportunity to engage with our audience on some genuinely important issues makes for a nice balance in the relationship we share with our followers. It’s also nice to know that if Boss Hunting gets behind it, people may follow our lead.

> Your target audience is predominately males, what do you think is the best way to start the conversation around men’s health?
John: I think it’s important we cut the BS and approach the issue upfront. It’s a shame that there’s still a stigma around reaching out to your friends or colleagues when you’re not feeling 100%. It would also be best to drop any of society’s misconceptions and try to at least talk people through what others are experiencing.

> Why do you think it’s important to be talking about men’s health?
Jack: We’re not invincible, everyone’s human and I think that a lot of young blokes forget this. If you or a close friend is going through something, it’s really important to remember that you’re not alone nor are you the first to go through tough times. The more we chat openly about the topic, the more comfortable people will be bringing it up.

> Have yourself or someone you know struggled with men’s health?
Jack: When I was 18 I’d just broken up with my first love, had started university and was really struggling with the transition from high school to Uni. I wasn’t aware of it at the time but in hindsight I was definitely suffering from depression. I’ve also had a few friends, all young guys in their twenties, take their own lives. It’s been incredibly sad but it has really made our whole group of friends a lot more open with one another when it comes to talking about how we feel.

> What drives your passion to raise funds for Movember?
John: It’s universal. If it’s not happening to you, it’s front of mind for your best mate, your colleague or a friend of a friend you only ever met once for a beer. We’ve got to back each other in life and Movember is a great way to get the conversation started at the most everyday level.

> So, who can grow the best Mo?
John: It’s got to be Antonio for sure – actually, Jack sports a mean Mo occasionally and could probably have a good crack. If Tom’s head is anything to go by he’ll probably be neck and neck with me for last place!

No matter your Mo’, join MINI this Movember and make the difference to men’s health. Click here to get involved with Movember.