The men at Brother Wolf specialise in cutting, fading, shaving and grooming the men of Melbourne at their Barber Shop in Prahran. Owner Pauraig Whelehan has honed his craft in Dublin, New York, Sydney and Melbourne and recently opened a second Barber Shop in St Kilda.

We stopped in at Brother Wolf for a Mo trim and to ask Pauraig a few questions about men's health.

> Why do you believe it is important to preserve male communities like barbers?

Men need spaces where they can be open with each other and share stories. Traditionally the Barber Shop was more than just a destination for getting your hair cut. It was a local hub for gentlemen to gather, share, laugh and take pride in their appearance. I feel that preserving spaces like barber shops is really important as too many of our conversations unfold from behind screens. Sitting in your barber's chair is one of the few times when you actually have a genuine conversation face to face with another guy.

> How do you think grooming affects our wellbeing?

Getting groomed is humanising. A fresh trim can make a huge difference to your outlook and instill a new sense of confidence in a man. It's not always easy to make time for our grooming as life continues to get busier and busier. But taking two minutes to look in the mirror, ignore the bags under your eyes and make sure you look sharp will always lift your energy.

> Why do men need to talk about their health and how can we help future generations to discuss their wellbeing?

Health is genderless and talking honestly about our wellbeing should no longer be viewed as a sign of weakness. I think encouraging our mates, brothers, nephews, children and elders to view sharing as a strength, not a weakness will help future generations to keep prospering.

> Who are you hoping to inspire as a Mo Bro and what's your message of wisdom that you want to pass on?

I want to inspire men to learn from their insecurities and persevere when life throws them a few too many curveballs. Admitting and accepting will always be more powerful than dismissing and running away from the less prosperous times in life.

Stop by Brother Wolf’s 113 Greville St, Prahran Barber Shop from 12pm – 5pm Sunday, November 27 for an exclusive MINI Movember Mo styling trade day.