Sydney travel and lifestyle photographer Benjamin Lee reveals the tracks that motivated the runner featured in his MINI Countryman video.

We filmed in multiple New South Wales locations, and many of the scenes were captured on foot as we trekked up hillsides and across rivers.

The first location we shot at was the Penrose State Forest seen in the opening of the video. I wanted to film the MINI Countryman driving in between this lush forestry using a drone and contrast this footage with me running along the same track, as I knew it would look visually impressive.


We left the forest for the Bermagui Coast and Camel Rock. I wanted Camel Rock featured in the piece as I knew the unusual rock formation would look great with the runner's shadows darting against it. I also wanted to ensure we crossed the bridge along the Bermagui Coast while the tide was out. The tide being out allowed us to capture the incredible overhead drone shot seen in the middle of the video.

After the coastline, we made use of the MINI Countryman's twin turbo diesel engine and tackled the Cooma and Snowy River highway. This long stretch of desolate road offered us wind power lined hillsides and empty landscapes for the MINI Countryman to dart along as we filmed from above.

Our final stop was Mt Kosciusko and the Blue Lake. I wanted the final scene to be shot here as it seemed like the perfect cinematic location for the MINI Countryman to enable a runner to experience. It was hard work getting the filming equipment up those hillsides, but I was impressed with how the car handled those unpredictable terrains.