MINI Yours: Exclusive Designs for Your MINI.

The launch of the latest MINI models sees a new generation of trendsetters hitting the streets, but it’s not just the iconic silhouette that makes these MINI unique. The new MINI Yours range, unveiled in tandem with The New MINI 5-Door, offers new and exclusive customisation options to make every MINI made-to-measure.

Step into the MINI Design studio with Carola Metz from the colour and trim team to get an in-depth look at the interiors and incomparable variety of custom features in the new MINI Yours range.

Since the very first MINI rolled off the production line in 1959, drivers have been making their personal mark on their cars. To this day a MINI is very much a reflection of personal style and it’s rare to find two that are completely alike. That tradition of customisation and attention to detail is the inspiration and driving force behind each new exterior paint finish and interior option that’s found in the new MINI Yours range.

“I am responsible for design concepts and the standard of design quality we want to see in our final MINI,” said Carola Metz, introducing herself. The emphasis on quality and craftsmanship is just the beginning for the team in charge of developing MINI Yours.

“Within the design and creation process of a MINI we spend at least three years actively working on the right concepts”.

Broad scope for customisation is something MINI is famous for. The list is impressive, ranging from paint finishes and alloy wheels to upholstery and interior colour schemes, trims, mirror caps, additional headlamps, roof décor and graphic elements. The limitless combinations for a MINI become a hallmark expression of personal style. Cementing this idea from the off, a number of British style icons have been behind the wheel of MINI to make their mark over the years, including Paul Smith, Mary Quant and Twiggy. Drawing on decades of fashion heritage, MINI Yours took some inspiration from the fine tailoring of London’s Savile Row to bring refined details and a touch of quality workmanship to the New MINI.

Outside the MINI design studio, Carola’s creativity and drive continues to be a great motor in her life, “I like to paint with mixed techniques… and to work on woodblock printing where you have the combination of beautiful oil colours and the craft aspect of working with wood.” To satisfy that exploratory impulse beyond her creative endeavours, cycling, as well as some relatively rugged sport like bouldering and stand-up paddling, all make it into her busy schedule. This affinity with colour and a real hands-on approach to understanding texture stands her in good stead for her work with MINI Yours, where the perfect combination of fine materials really makes that mark of quality.

Carefully selected leather and genuine wood are just two examples of the materials Carola and her team use in their interior design, and making those final design decisions is no easy feat. “Within the design and creation process of a MINI we spend at least three years actively working on the right concepts, also for materials, colour and trim,” she explained. Her additional talents as a painter lend extra insight to the creative process and colour theory.

The MINI Yours seats of The New MINI and New MINI 5-Door have a particularly natural finish, with soft surfaces and precisely worked detailing. “We are all really proud that we managed to jump to a significantly higher step of performance in terms of functionality and design language,” said Carola, summing up her team’s work on the new MINI Yours range. The character of the materials used in the new interiors is emphasised by details like the eye-catching seams or the Union Jack design that’s fittingly incorporated into the back of the head rests.

The high quality approach is not confined to the interior. The MINI Yours Lapisluxury Blue paintwork for The New MINI is the most intensive blue tone ever achieved for the body of a MINI. Based on the principle of the historic pigment ultramarine, it gets its richness and depth from the challenging process of applying this highly saturated paint, based on a complex recipe, to the body of a New MINI.

“We are all really proud that we managed to jump to a significantly higher step of functionality and design language”.

Carola herself is looking forward to getting behind the wheel of her own MINI 5-Door this summer, with MINI Yours interior styles of course. One for details, her current ride is a MINI John Cooper Works Clubman in Midnight Black with Chili Red roof and mirror caps. “The interior is [fitted with] MINI leather lounge seats with red piping and a full leather dashboard,” she said, and we’re sure her new MINI 5-Door will have a similarly exclusive interior.