Green MINI Cooper S Countryman


It’s early.

Early enough for every breath to form a cloud and every step to amplify the sound of crunching leaves underfoot. The interior cabin of the MINI Cooper S Countryman in striking Jungle Green is a welcome cocoon, especially once the automatic climate control kicks in. 

We switch on the headlights and LED foglights as the first hints of sunrise spill over the edge of the horizon. Our destination is the magnificent Blue Mountains, its foothills beginning just 50 kilometres west of Sydney. We have been told the beauty of the region can only be fully appreciated with the luxury of time. Its many attractions both demanding and commanding your attention.

As with many great destinations, the real joy can be found in the journey. That’s certainly the case with our adventure. As we leave the suburbs behind, the terrain becomes increasingly lush, increasingly green and increasingly close.

Maybe it’s because the MINI Countryman hugs each and every corner so tightly but it soon feels like you could reach out and touch the enveloping canopy of foliage. But with 140kw of turbo charged power, sticking one’s hand out the window of the MINI Cooper S is more likely to result in frostbite.

Daylight reveals a more varied colour palate as the landscape changes its appearance for a more autumnal shade. With the MINI Countryman as comfortable on the dirt as it is on the bitumen, the temptation is always to take the road less travelled. And why not? With optional ALL4 all-wheel drive, Automatic Stability Control + Traction and Dynamic Stability Control, we know we’re in safe hands. However we decide to follow our appetite for food rather than adventure, and drive on.

Now included as standard, our MINI Navigation System guides us expertly into the arms of the iconic Hydro Majestic, where high tea and an open fire await our arrival.