Red MINI Clubman


Melbourne based photographer Aleksandar Jason spends his days finding inspiration and curating content from his surroundings. Aleksandar shares with us his secrets to a perfect shot and why the MINI Clubman is the perfect car for a photographer navigating the streets of the city.

> Your photographic style is quite unique, where does your inspiration come from?

I have always wondered what actually inspires me or what my exact style is. Personally, I have always been a big advocate for creatives to push their own style because in the end there is only one you! My main inspirations come from many places. As a photographer who works in many scenes from sports to weddings and the occasional food and lifestyle shoot, I feel I am lucky enough to grab a bit of everything into the mix.

> What does it take to capture the perfect shot?

The perfect shot is always the perfect moment, no matter what you are shooting. Timing is a key factor in photography and making sure the lighting is right - so you scout, time and plan. However, if there is no time to plan, the perfect shot is the shot you feel most proud of.

> Describe your experience taking the MINI Clubman, the car made for the city, for a spin (vs. Driving the Countryman in the countryside earlier this year).
I love a good MINI, and I really enjoyed zipping through the tiny streets of Carlton and Port Melbourne. No road is too big or small for the Clubman, no street too tough to tackle. My dogs Chandler and Otis loved the back seat, they even recommended the seat warmers! It was perfect for both of them.

> What were your favourite features of the MINI Clubman?
As a photographer, I need plenty of boot space and the Clubman has that. Although, I must admit that the best feature was being a MINI driver! The number of compliments you get when you park the Clubman on the streets of Melbourne!