Milly Dent.

Milly Dent is a Sydney based ceramic artist and designer who has become known for her distinctive marbling effects and geometric pattern work. Milly’s work is inspired by the natural world, exemplified in vessels that invariably display a whirlpool of inky blues frozen in the fluidity that they are created. In her practise, she reimagines daily routine through uniquely handcrafted, ceramic goods.

Originally from Brisbane, Milly established herself in Sydney for university, graduating with a Bachelor of Design from COFA UNSW (2014). With the ambition and work ethic that Milly is known for, she quickly got to work and launched her signature range within 6 months.

With the help of the MINI Bright Rays Grant, Milly would be able to better establish her design business. The investment in specialty equipment would broaden her design horizons and greatly expand her practice and range of works. Milly would also take this opportunity to immerse herself deeper into the world of ceramics through a range of short, specialised ceramic courses.

Milly Dent is an ambitious young artist and designer with a blossoming career ahead. With this grant, her dreams will be actualised and her business will gain the support needed to take her work and her brand to a new, professional level.