MINI Augemented Reality Eyewear


At the Auto Shanghai 2015 show, MINI revealed its vision for connectivity between augmented reality (AR) eyewear and the car. The MINI Augmented Vision project thereby embraces one of the major trends of the future: AR technologies enhance reality by overlaying the field of vision with supplementary digital information, usually by means of computer generated graphics. And the real and virtual worlds are set to merge more and more in the future while driving as well.

Probably one of the best-known examples of an augmented reality application is the offside line that is superimposed on television screens while watching a football match. And if smartphones have the necessary app installed, they can show additional information about historic buildings or museum exhibits when the camera is pointed at them. Today, head-up displays already make it possible to project important driving information onto the windshield so that it appears in the driver’s field of vision. In the future, augmented reality glasses will supplement this technology with an alternative solution. MINI Augmented Vision demonstrates the potential benefits of integrating this type of eyewear into MINI vehicles.