Maroon MINI Cooper S

Live Larger With the MINI Clubman.

It was The Rolling Stones who immortalised the line, “you can’t always get what you want.” But, from one great British icon to another, we respectfully beg to differ. You will too, when you meet our MINI Clubman.

Designed to put your head in a spin, the cleverly redesigned Clubman exudes the perfect blend of distinct MINI charisma and character, whilst retaining its practical, utility value. In fact, it’s obvious that nasty words like ‘sacrifice’ and ‘compromise’ were banned entirely in the process of engineering the latest attention commanding MINI.

Its larger dimensions and fuller stance serve as the glorifying features that set the Clubman range apart from other vehicles in the MINI stable. With versatility at the heart of its concept, the MINI Clubman is perfect for both a quick, rollicking ride to work or loading up and taking the family on a well-earned weekend wanderlust.

With six doors, including split doors at the rear, five fully-fledged seats and a spacious interior, the MINI Clubman claims a generous 360-litre luggage capacity. Staying true to its promise for space, the Clubman can be further extended to as much as 1250 bountiful litres by folding down the rear backrest with its 40:20:40 split.

Not only has the MINI Clubman got all your extra space needs covered, he also features an array of sophisticated equipment and specifications including a central console hub and the famed go-kart handling for which our cars are renowned. Naturally.

Hopefully, at this point, you’re catching our drift; of course you can always get what you want. And we’re not done yet...

Imagine choosing from the full spectrum of colours using the MINI Clubman’s ambient lighting system to enhance the contours of your new interior. It kind of brings a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘mood lighting.’

Then there’s the pragmatic character and long-distance suitability of the MINI Clubman, which is reinforced by its many storage facilities. Boasting a large glove compartment, storage pockets in the split doors and perfectly positioned drink holders located within instant reaching distance, the Clubman’s potential is endless..

With a current choice between the Cooper and Cooper S petrol engines, the MINI Clubman rolls terrific driving fun and efficient transportation into one very, very tempting package.

The MINI Clubman: it’s exactly what you want.