MINI Connected – A Clever Assistant.

Bouncing between fashion shoots, client meetings, location scouting and cocktail hour in one day is no mean feat – but for Melbourne-based photographer Trí Nguyen, his work-life balance is made easier with the help of a healthy dose of coffee from his local café and technology such as MINI Connected.

When Trí started photographing in 2010, he had to physically go out to find shooting locations – a task that could take hours in Melbourne’s maze of graffiti-sprayed laneways and underground hideaways.

Social media makes it a whole lot easier for creators like Trí to gather inspiration on top Instagram-worthy shoot locations. Trí also shows off his shots on his Instagram, so it doubles as an ever-changing portfolio of his striking work.

“Technology really helps improve the craft. Even someone who was taking photos 20 years ago, today they’d be introduced to a new set of technology: new applications for their cameras [and] for their phones. Now we have wireless connections to our cameras – and even wireless connections to our car!”

All this means that thanks to technology like the MINI Connected send to car feature and wireless charging, Trí’s able to get a whole lot more done in his day and take some outstanding shots – and he says other creatives are able to do the same.

“Technology is something that’s really stepping outside the boundaries and something that’s really helping creatives these days. They can work to another level that they never thought was possible.”


It also inspires a bit of healthy competition:

“I’ll be honest, it’s so challenging and it can be very confronting because you get to see all this amazing work that other creatives are doing... You think, can I compete with these guys?”

But it’s not all work.

Like any foodie, Trí loves exploring a city’s cafes, bars and restaurants both at home in Melbourne and when he’s travelling.

After dark is Trí’s favourite time to go out and play, and his gadgets help him get to where he wants to go.

“At the end of the day, I’ll have a good dinner and a few drinks with some friends, I can book in a certain type of food or restaurant or cuisine I’ve never tasted. Having the Concierge application in the MINI – it’s just amazing and you don’t have to do anything yourself.”

“I think it’s so convenient and so easy to use. Everything’s on your phone and it’s so easy.”

For a busy creative who enjoys the finer things in life, Trí’s tech is a no-brainer.