Meet MINI Mo Bro Nami Nguyen. He's a local sartorial menswear icon who manages Tom Ford Melbourne and is working on his own lifestyle brand.

Nami's role at infamous menswear house Tom Ford allows him to work with generations of Australian men on a daily basis as he assists them to find their own unique style.

We sat down for a Bombay Martini with this knowledgeable sartorial force to discuss the importance of style to our overall wellbeing.

> How do you think grooming and what we wear impacts our wellbeing?

You have to dress for who you aspire to be. What you project out to the world is so important. Being confident and comfortable is one part of it, but being able to get up and dress up no matter how you feel is another. When you're dressed to showcase the best side of you, more often than not it is reflected in your approach to things. Your style can help you to express your moods and inspire you to keep on moving, even when things are a little difficult in your life.

> Why do you think it is important to preserve menswear traditions such as tailoring and bespoke clothing creation?

Tradition is really important to me. Tailoring stemmed from my Grandfather so adopting a sartorial influence was a way to connect with my elders and a beautiful way to respect the knowledge that I was surrounded by as a child. Bespoke clothing tailors to the individual, much like the way we need to approach men's health issues and conversations about wellbeing. Everyone won’t deal with life, in the same way, we all have our own survival style. Whilst tradition will always be important, how we reinterpret the work of those who came before us to create positive change is integral to growth.

> Why do men need to talk about their health?

All too often we will talk about what matters to our lifestyle and appearance, but we will neglect to discuss our health. Most topics discussed and explored in my industry revolve around external factors. There is a strong focus on style, fashion and consumer based products, yet nobody is talking about the mental resilience that is needed to fuel this lifestyle. We need to keep talking about our health and how we succeed from resilience and sharing these tales of survival with future generations.

> Who are you hoping to inspire by being a Mo Bro and what's your message of wisdom that you want to pass on?

I'm hoping to remove the stigma attached to talking about health and to inspire men to keep asking the questions that matter. I wanted to be involved in this project not to impart any great wisdom, but to show that men's health is something that I'm not afraid to talk about.