New MINI 5 Door Hatch


It’s amazing what you can do with just that little extra. Take the MINI 5-Door Hatch for example; it’s got all the things you love about MINI, but with 2 extra doors. That means you can fit a little more in, do a little more, and get a little extra out of life without having to compromise on the MINI go-kart feeling you know and love.

With an expanded wheelbase, the MINI 5-Door Hatch creates space for 3 seats in the rear resulting in more foot space, legroom, headroom and larger luggage compartment. Which means a few extra shopping bags in the back or a few more chairs and an esky for a sunny day at the beach.

To top it all off, there’s a whole load of other little extras thrown in too. Like high-end features, including improved comfort, safety, LED daytime lights and rear lights, rain sensors, electrical glass roof, and even heated seats. And if you need a helping hand, the driver assistance features like MINI Head-Up-Display, parking assistant, rear view camera, collision and pedestrian warning systems will be able to guide you at the click of a button. However you look at it, the MINI 5-Door Hatch is a load more fun, efficient, safer and connected.

So get ready for the MINI 5-Door Hatch, because once your friends see you in this, they’ll probably ask for a ride. And you’ll have more than enough room to oblige.