MINI Citysurfer Concept Scooter

A to B to Sea.

Ride in style with the new MINI Citysurfer Concept.

Whether it’s on the way to work, heading down the road, or spending a day at the beach, the new MINI Citysurfer Concept will get you there in style. In fact, you’ll be able to go just about anywhere with this foldable two-wheeler.

Designed to make inner urban city living more accessible than ever and powered by a lithium ion-battery, you can get around town at the flick of a switch. Its safe, versatile and agile riding style combines an original kick scooter designer, with an electric driven motor. And with an impressive design thrown in, it’ll be pretty much impossible for others not to turn their head when you ride past.

One of the best things about the Citysurfer is that it can pretty much go anywhere you want. At an incredibly low weight of 18 kilograms, it’s range of potential uses and compact structure and foldability means if being on the move is your thing, then the Citysurfer is the perfect companion.

Featuring large wheels with pneumatic tyres, it's also perfect for bumpy paths. And with a low footboard, stable frame and height-adjustable handlebars; three brake systems which operate independently of each other and hydraulic disc brakes at the front and rear wheel, you could say it’s packed to the brim with features. It’s handling’s not bad either thanks to its shifting centre of gravity.

So whether you’re cruising the streets or simply going for a joy ride, the versatile, safe incredibly cool MINI Citysurfer will get you there in style. This truly gives a new meaning to Surf and Turf. If we don’t mind saying so ourselves.