A Mini Clubman parked in the street with the red Society insignia for Dark Mofo 2019.


Following the success of their partnership last year, MINI Australia was delighted to once again join Dark Mofo as a major partner in 2019 for the winter solstice festival that took over Hobart, Tasmania from 6th - 23rd June.

In the seven years since it emerged seemingly out of nowhere, Dark Mofo has become an iconic, or perhaps iconoclastic, presence on the Australian festival circuit. Popular with die-hard arts audiences and those simply seeking an adventure.

Dark Mofo curates a program of acclaimed international and local music acts, live art, installations, visual art, exhibitions, and major events.

Last year, MINI Australia was given the opportunity to activate their brand across three weeks of the Dark Mofo festival. Identifying key characteristics shared between the Dark Mofo and MINI Clubman audiences, MINI joined with creative agency KOJO to devise a unique activation that rewarded the curiosity of cultural explorers.

This year, the activation returned. With a twist.

MINI resurrected The Society, an underground association created to reflect the mysterious and ritualistic aspects of Dark Mofo. The secretive group, which operates via a clandestine SMS network, had already recruited over 3,000 festival attendees from Dark Mofo 2018 and in 2019 it was determined to find more followers and challenge members to work harder for their perks.

Members of The Society were offered a series of elevated experiences that went further than those given out last year. The experiences included flights and accommodation, one-of-a-kind day trips deep south, winery tours, and tastings, tickets to sold-out performances, exclusive drink and dining rewards, priority entry to events and complimentary transport.

As the rewards for Society members increased, so too did the difficulty to win them. For MINI x Dark Mofo 2019, members were asked to solve riddles of varying degrees of difficulty in exchange for their rewards.

This year’s activation launched with a text message to existing members announcing that The Society was offering flights and accommodation to the festival for lucky members who could solve the first of many riddles. It was at this point The Society’s Instagram presence was introduced, the account housing the riddles during the festival.

To recruit new members, The Society insignia was raised over Hobart once more on billboards, posters, and business cards. Alongside the insignia was a phone number that upon calling or texting, Dark Mofo attendees received their first correspondence and could opt into the group to become a member.

Throughout the festival, members waited in anticipation to receive text messages from The Society detailing the experiences they could unlock and the tasks they needed to complete to claim them. Members had to act fast, as the riddles were published only for a short period before being deleted.

Once again, The Society seized the imagination of Dark Mofo attendees. Though MINI used very little paid media, the database grew to over 4600 during the festival and received over 27,000 entries to be awarded elevated and one-of-a-kind experiences.

Society members found the riddles tantalising and responded in haste to solve them, one drove to every bookshop in town to find the answer. Others noting that The Society was the highlight of Dark Mofo. The overwhelming positive sentiment drove remarkable organic reach, with members excitedly sharing their adventures and the insignia across social media.

A reveal of the answers to all of the riddles used during The Society’s appearance at Dark Mofo signified the end of the activation. But before the association melted back into the shadows, a final correspondence from The Society showcased members taking part and reestablished MINI Australia as the mastermind of this captivating experience.

The Society has departed, but they may appear at any moment in any place where curiosity is strong.