MINI Convertible - This Day Forward

This Day Forward.

MINI has helped launch the new MINI Convertible with the release of the short film “This Day Forward”.

The film was directed by award winning director Joachim Back, who won the Oscar for Best Short Film for “The New Tenants” in 2010.

Reason or passion? Sometimes it takes several attempts to figure out what we really want. Protagonist Jake finds himself in such a situation, in which he has to decide whether to sell his record label in a deal worth millions or reject the offer and continue to pursue his dream in the music business. A total of three episodes, in which Jake relives the day of his decision, show how Jake gradually resolves to follow his heart. The film’s unique narrative mechanism, which reveals different facets and details of the story step by step, creates suspense and visualises the implications of Jake’s dilemma. With this story, the short film personifies in Jake both the MINI target group’s positive and cosmopolitan attitude to life and the character of the new MINI Convertible – freethinking and open-minded, with a zest for life.