Say Hello to Tommy Davidson. He's the owner of Patch Cafe a health conscious venue and paleo inspired food lifestyle brand.

Tommy's role as the founder of Patch Cafe allows him to provide urbanites with healthy meal options to fuel their success.

After a morning run along the Yarra River, we shared a Super Greens Cold Pressed Juice with this paleo visionary to chat about men's health.

> What impact does our diet have on our mental health?

When we put the wrong fuel in our body, processed foods and refined sugar filled food or drink, we can't function at our best. We are one giant connective tissue, controlled by the brain. If we feed our brain the wrong foods, it won’t be able to control our bodies, our emotions, our feelings and our energy to the best of its ability. Real food, not processed will nourish our brain and body and give us the chance to thrive.

> How does moving help your overall wellbeing?

Movement gives us the freedom to explore nature, to travel, to see things and learn different ways to grow and understand more. Movement helps improve our energy levels, our sleep, our mood and our ability to connect with people. Moving releases chemicals called endorphins into our bodies. These endorphins interact with receptors in our brain that reduce our perception of pain. Endorphins also trigger a positive feeling in our body, similar to morphine. Movement is mother nature's painkiller and we need it for our overall wellbeing.

> What do you think we can do to change the conversation about men's health?

We can keep driving and supporting initiatives like MINI Movember. We can practice opening up to our male friends and family members by asking them ‘how are you really?’ and sharing our feelings. Little by little this can grow into a bigger picture of empathy and compassion amongst our community and society and thus decrease the levels of depression and suicides in the male population. I sense there’s a movement already gaining momentum on positive social change for men and I'm really excited about this.

> Who do you want to inspire as a MINI MO BRO and what's one message of wisdom that you want to pass on?

I want to inspire the younger generation of men who perhaps think it's better to bottle up feelings and not express themselves to other men. I went through a stage in my young adulthood where I thought being strong and not expressing my feelings was the way to soldier on. I feel like now, I've come out on the other side and believe me, this side is much better. I want to help other young men figure this out earlier and realise that life is easier and happier if we do express ourselves and share our thoughts with our fellow man. We are all waiting for each other to take the lead, so let's all take the lead together.