Wild at Heart.

A curious island at the edge of the world, there’s plenty to love about Tasmania. Particularly, it must be said, when viewed from behind the wheel of a MINI.

Intrepid by nature and exhilarating by design, MINI was born to explore. And Tassie’s vast wilderness playground – with its rugged highlands, glacial lakes, alpine heaths, ancient rainforests and quiet, solitary beaches – offers breathtaking adventure in abundance. From the word ‘go,’ MINI connects with the elements to amplify Tasmania’s dramatic, oversized landscapes.

The sense of isolation and the thrill of an empty, open road surely enhance the experience. But it’s the MINI DNA – a low centre of gravity, short wheelbase and legendary go-kart handling – that effortlessly stimulates the senses and lets you know you’re alive.

From coast to coast, fascinating journeys rich in history and natural beauty abound. Nature flourishes in the rich soil, pure air and clean water and, where mountains meet oceans, time just seems to slip away.

Whether you’re behind the wheel of the classic MINI Hatch, convention-defying MINI Countryman, versatile MINI Clubman or open-top MINI Convertible, Tassie is yours to savour. Every family member in the latest generation of MINIs is perfect, wherever the road and your imagination may lead.