Every motorist gets the urge. The need to put a vehicle to the ultimate test. The desire for an empty road where driver and machine come together. The adrenaline rush like no other.

For 48 MINI enthusiasts, this dream came true as they got behind the wheel of the current generation MINI John Cooper Works Hatch at the renowned Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for the first official 2016 MINI JCW Track Day.

As the sun rose along the horizon of one Australia’s most celebrated motor racing tracks, vehicles were lined up, cones were placed on the course and participants were registered. Eager faces sat through the essentials of track driving and the safety components for the day before heading to the pits to be greeted by the perfect range of racing machines.

Helmets were fitted and guests strapped in. As the ignitions started and the sports instrument came alive, it was time for the extreme driving to commence. Feet hit the stainless steel accelerators, exhilarating roars bellowed from the tailpipe and guests entered the track in a ‘follow the leader’ style drive. Hitting the apexes of each corner, from curve to curve, guests experienced the pure exhilaration and abilities of the MINI JCW Hatch. Spectators could see the smiles on each face as cars sped fast, hitting speeds of up to 246km/h down the straight.

From here, participants made their way to the Motorkhana circuit where the handling and brakes of the vehicles were realised. Fierce competition ensued as drivers battled to achieve the quickest time possible through a tight-cornered and slippery slalom course.

And if the adrenaline wasn’t pumping through their veins already, attendees finished the day on the ultimate high - the pièce de résistance - a hot lap with one of the BMW Group Professional track drivers. This was the chance to see the true capabilities of the JCW Hatch, pushing it to its limits for what can only be described as an intoxicating drive and utter sensory overload.

Needless to say, for these particular MINI enthusiasts, the thirst for speed was undoubtedly quenched.